Diesel Controls, Inc.

Welcome to the online home of Diesel Controls, Inc. (DCI). DCI is a company located in Massillon, Ohio that specializes in the service, repair, and sales of diesel injection systems, mechanical/electronic injectors, turbochargers, and diesel performance products. With extensive knowledge and state of the art equipment, DCI works to help you attain the best out of your diesel application.

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The Diesel Engine

Gone are the days of clouds of black smoke pouring out of a heavy duty truck on the highway. With technology advancing more day by day, the diesel engine has become more durable and efficient (20-30% more efficient) than any gasoline burning counterpart. With over 7000 dedicated square feet, state of the art equipment, and many seasoned technicians, Diesel Controls can aid in keeping your diesel engine operating at its optimum performance and efficiency.

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A Little Diesel History

Did you know the inventor of the Diesel engine was an environmentalist, and an avid proponent of using vegetable oil (now known as bio diesel) as a fuel source for his invention? In 1892 Rudolph Diesel obtained a patent for what is now called the Diesel engine. Rudolf Diesel was attending the Polytechnic High School of Germany (engineering school) when he learned about the low efficiency of gasoline and steam engines and aspired to create something better for us all. Visit www.howstuffworks.com to learn more now!